LTHC Men’s 2nd XI 2 at Bridgnorth Men’s 1st XI 2

MRHA T1 – Midlands 2

Saturday 10th November 2018

A scenic drive for a promotion hungry Loughborough Town took them to Bridgnorth on the Welsh boarder for their next ‘midlands’ league fixture. Both teams were coming off the back of good results last week so this game showed promise on paper.

Town started with 2 of their best 6 minutes of the game and applied some pressure but looked vulnerable on the counter attack. It was in this way Bridgnorth scored their first goal.  Town continued in this vein for 35 minutes, sloppy stuff in the middle and basic turnovers all over the pitch. Town were kept in the game by keeper Dhutia.

After the half time break, town responded with another 2 minutes of good hockey and equalised with a clean strike into the bottom corner by forward Tom Clarkson.  Another bewildering decision allowed Henderson to resume his position in the sin bin and, once back up to full compliment, some sloppy stuff around the D allowed Bridgnorth to capitalise on a long corner. Another reverse stick strike and Town were 2-1 down.  Town used their final 2 minutes of good hockey to equalise via a penalty corner. The pre corner huddle worked its magic, as under the influence of Mike White, Tom Clarkson turned provider for Mike White To earn a well earned point. The same combination almost stole a win for town.

All told a draw seemed a fair and well fought result. Man of the match was awarded to Adam Carter for creating some great chances up front. Next week Town travel to league leaders Stratford Men’s 1st XI hoping to provide an upset.

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