LTHC Ladies 3rd XI 1 at Roundhill Ladies 1st XI 0

LRHA Ladies – Division 1

Saturday 10th November 2018

Loughborough Town Ladies 3rd XI were coming off a two game winning streak when they travelled the short distance to Roundhill.  The warm up took an interesting turn, with a pre match injury to Ellen Johns when the ball caught her in the face.  Town also had an interesting line up with their usual goalkeeper missing for her birthday, and so Iris Broekhuijzen bravely donned the kit and stood between the pipes.

Unlike Town’s usual fast pitch this one was completely opposite and clearly going to change the way that Town play their game.  It was expected that Sam Dalby would lose the coin toss and true to form she did.

As expected Roundhill were used to the slow pitch and so chased down every ball where as Town were slower to respond.  Man of the match Hatty Bates remained strong in defence and was able to stop them penetrating the D resulting in Iris only needing to make one save all first half.  Meanwhile Town continued to press hard and thanks to the Roundhill keeper were struggling to score.  The deadlock however was broken when Amanda Conradie and Grace Jones teamed up to drive down the wing, where they connected with Sam Dalby who confused the keeper with her cross goal pass to Sarah Rose who was waiting unmarked on the back post for an easy tap in, netting her first goal of the season.

The 2nd half of the game continued in the same way as the 1st.  Town pressured hard but were unable to score any more goals.  The game finished with a 1-0 win to Town meaning that Town are now on a three game winning streak, and are looking forward to hosting Ashby Ladies 3rd XI at home this coming weekend.

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