LTHC Men’s 3rd XI 2 vs Leicester Men’s 1st XI 7

MRHA T2 – East Midlands 1

Saturday 10th November 2018

Back at home this week, Loughborough Town Men’s 3rd XI were looking to bounce back against Leicester Men’s 1st  XI this weekend after the undeserving defeat to Leicester Westleigh last week. However, it wasn’t going to be easy as this Leicester side where looking match their fellow Leicesterians down the road at the King Power by continuing there run at mid table. The stage was now set for both teams to play for points.

Town had a good start, plenty of ball possession and a couple of chance early gave them hope. However, due to one man that Leicester kept growing through, the away side opened the scoring. However, after fighting back hard, star winger Ollie Taylor brought it back to one all not long after.  Despite this equaliser, the flood gates had already been opened as the visitors were already 6-1 up by half time.

As the heavens started to open, so did the host’s goal as another solo attempt from one Leicester man saw him top off his fourth goal on his way to a double hat-trick!  Despite this, town were able to come back using the now wetter pitch to their advantage with an arsenal-esque goal which was firmly finished by Nathan Hunt with a tremendous tomahawk that saw the net bulge.

The full-time whistle blew just as the heavens closed, town now faced with another defeat went straight to the pub, but their heads held high, as they looked back on the majestic build up play that got the ball into the opponents 25 on loads of occasions. Man of the match was given to Mark Dalby for his outright impressive work rate and concentration at the back.

Town will take the fight to north when they play Derwent Men’s 1st XI next week in order to regain confidence and points for the season.

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