LTHC Men’s 2nd XI 2 at Stratford Men’s 1st XI 2

MRHA T1 – Midlands 2

Saturday 17th November 2018

After a strange one last week against a 13 man Bridgnorth, Town had another trek this week to a rather nice Stratford Upon Avon.

Facing a side that was yet to drop a point this season, Town made the hour long journey hoping to put an end to this run. Despite having to drop Jack Thomas due to the 1s needing a centre half that gives the ball to opposing forwards, we arrived in good spirits and high hopes at the prospect of a big upset.

The whistle blew, and as is customary with our game plan, we started well for a full 5 minutes, however 6 minutes in, Vish decided to log giving Shepherd no choice but to put in a fantastic goal line save, sacrificing his body for the good of the team. Despite this incredible commitment, the stroke was scored.

Town then proceeded to work their way back into the game, and midway through the first half, Sam Stowe flashed some serious potential, almost getting a nose bleed he was so high up the pitch, and putting it on a golden platter for Mike White to bring it to 1-1.

The rest of the half included about 10 minutes of consistent defensive corners, but due to some brilliant work from the defence and goalkeeper, no more goals were conceded.

Nearing the end of the first half, Hitesh Patel smashed the ball into the D where Chris Sibson, clearly a veteran of the game, and using years of grass hockey experience to deflect the ball into the toppest of bins (despite some claiming it to have been from outside the D). 2-1.

Half time… cheerful but wary, captain Adam Lamb hyped his team speaking of potential glory and the possibility of a historic victory, truly moving.

The second half consisted of more short corners then ever seen before. But despite the onslaught, Town held out until near the end of the second half when, unfortunately, Sam Stowe decided to leave a straight one from a tight angle, giving the home team hope and bringing them back to level pegging. (Some would say harsh).

Henderson also decided he needed a break and so put in one of the worst fouls ever seen on a hockey pitch, to cop a green, his third in two weeks.

Town had a couple of chances towards the end of the half, but could not capitalise. A corner in the last minute could not be converted and the math ended 2-2.

A very hard fought game, and a deserved draw. Man of the Match going to Vish due to some class saves. Some good results coming in for Town and hopefully promotion is in the minds of everyone.

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