This is the second of a four part article over the course of the 2018 / 2019 season (Part 1 here).  We’ve now reached the half-way point of the season and it’s the Christmas break for all teams.  We’ll be covering the period from Saturday 3rd November to Sunday 9th December for all the Senior and Junior Teams.  We’ll look how they have got on and also where they are in their respective leagues (if applicable).

Ladies 1st XI

MRHAWL –  Midlands Feeder East

Continuing their great run of results the last four games for the Ladies 1st XI have seen them draw against 2nd place Derby, then winning three in a row.  The win against University of Nottingham Women 2nd XI, saw them pick up the win in dramatic fashion scoring on a penalty corner after the final whistle had gone.  Whilst still remaining in 3rd place they are still level in points with Derby and Repton above them but only by goal difference.  The New Year brings the biggest game so far this season when they entertain Repton at home, looking to reverse the fortunes of the first game of the season.

Record: P4 W3 D1 L0 F18 A2 Pts 10

Overall: P9 W7 D1 L1 F33 A20 Pts 22, 3rd Place (-)

England Hockey Investec Women’s Tier 2 Championships

The team had a first round bye, though in the second round faced an away fixture against Milton Keynes Ladies 1st XI.  Taking their impressive league form into the Cup, a 3-0 sends them into round three.

Record: P1 W1 D0 L0 F3 A0

Ladies 2nd XI

LRHA Ladies – Premier Division

The Ladies 2nd XI remain in contention for promotion.  Even though their goal scoring has decreased the defence has been playing solid hockey only conceding 5 goals in the last four games.  They have enjoyed two wins, though had a tough 4-1 loss against top of the table local rivals Loughborough Student 4th XI.  In the New Year they’ll be looking to keep pressure on the top of the table with more wins.

Record: P4 W2 D1 L1 F6 A5 Pts 7

Overall: P8 W5 D2 L1 F29 A18 Pts 17, 2nd Place (-)

England Hockey Investec Women’s Tier 3 Championships

In the first round a 2-1 away win against Atherstone Adders put the team into the second row of the championship.  Next round they faced another away fixture against Nuneaton Ladies, though narrowly missed out progressing to the next round losing a close game 4-3.

Record: P2 W1 D0 L1 F5 A5

LRHA Ladies – Cup

At home to local league rivals Loughborough Student Ladies 5th XI the team went down 3-0 in the first round of the Cup.  All is not lost though as the team will go back at it in January as they look to have a winning run in the Plate.

Record: P1 W0 D0 L1 F0 A3

Ladies 3rd XI

LRHA Ladies – Division 1

Whilst new teams usually take time to settle in, this hasn’t been the case and the Ladies 3rd XI who have played good hockey and with that have gotten the results.  The last four games they have gone undefeated and have only dropped points in one game.  This has pushed them into 3rd place and still in the running for a promotion spot.

Record: P4 W3 D1 L0 F11 A4 Pts 10

Overall: P8 W5 D1 L2 F27 A11 Pts 16, 3rd Place (+2)

Men’s 1st XI

MRHA – T1: Midlands Premier

Results are still not going the way of the Men’s 1st XI and they have struggled to gain momentum to push into the top half of the table.  Recording the same record as the first quarter of the season, they remained in 11th place, though still 11 points from 4th place.  With still 12 games to go, there is still hope within the team that the New Year will bring new fortune to push towards a top four finish and promotion into the National League.

Record: P5 W1 D1 L3 F14 A17 Pts 4

Overall: P10 W2 D2 L6 F23 A29 Pts 8, 11th Place (-)

Men’s 2nd XI

MRHA – T1: Midlands 2

The Men’s 2nd XI have continued their good start to the season and solidified their position in the table in 5th position.  They have gone unbeaten in their last five games, have draw three times against teams in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th place all above them, whilst adding in two wins.  This now puts them in a good position next year to move even closer to the top of the table.

Record: P5 W2 D3 L0 F12 A8 Pts 9

Overall: P10 W5 D3 L2 F27 A15 Pts 18, 5th Place (-)

England Hockey Men’s Tier 2 Championships

The team had a first round bye, though in the second round faced a home game against Bourne Deeping Men’s 1st XI. However, the opposition couldn’t field a team, so on they now go into the third round.

Men’s 3rd XI

MRHA – T2: East Midlands 1

After the tough start the season in terms of results, the Men’s 3rd XI have had a much better last five games. After narrowly losing a close game at Derwent only 1-0, they have reeled off two wins in a row, one against local rivals Coalville Town, to go into the break on a high in 9th place. They’ll be looking to continue this form next year to move higher up the table.

Record: P5 W2 D0 L3 F11 A17 Pts 6

Overall: P10 W2 D1 L7 F20 A46 Pts 7, 9th Place (+2)

Men’s 4th XI

MRHA – T3: North East 1

The Men’s 4th XI have continued their solid start to the season picking up a couple of good wins against Nottingham and Belper. This has moved them up to 6th place in the table. With the next few games against teams lower than them they’ll be looking to get points to move up further.

Record: P5 W2 D0 L3 F18 A16 Pts 6

Overall: P10 W4 D1 L5 F29 A27 Pts 13, 6th Place (+1)

Men’s 5th XI

MRHA – T3: North East 3

The Men’s 5th XI have built on their solid start picking up 4 wins to move them into 5th place. A key to this has been their solid defence with only 5 goals being conceded in five games.  If they keep this up in the second half of the season they be aiming to move into the top third of the league.

Record: P5 W4 D0 L1 F21 A5 Pts 12

Overall: P10 W6 D0 L4 F35 A30 Pts 18, 5th Place (+3)

Men’s 6th XI

MRHA – T3: North East 4

After a tough start the Men’s 6th XI have record 3 wins out of the next five games to climb the table to 6th. They’ll be looking to keep scoring goals in the second half of the season to keep rising in the table.

Record: P5 W3 D1 L1 F20 A6 Pts 7*

Overall: P9 W4 D1 L4 F26 A21 Pts 7*, 6th Place (+4)

Mixed XI

England Hockey Mixed Tier 1 Championships

The mixed team came through with a home win against Milton Keynes Mixed 5-2.  They have a home fixture in January against Rugby & East Warwickshire Mixed XI.

Record: P1 W1 D0 L0 F5 A2

U16 Boys

England Hockey Junior Championship – U16 Boys Tier 2

In a division of five other teams, the team have played two games so far, winning the first game 2-1 at home against West Bridgford, and the second game a 1-1 draw away versus Ashby.  They resume their campaign in February when they take on Beeston.

Record: P2 W1 D1 L0 F3 A2 Pts 4, 2nd Place


Friendly Tournaments

The junior sides play 7-a-side half pitch games, with games lasting usually about 15 minutes. So far:

  • U12 Boys with a few new players played some really good hockey in their four friendly games, winning 2 and drawing 2.
    • U10 Boys, U10 Girls & U8 Juniors have all took part in one friendly tournament each, with some of the children playing in their first games outside of training.
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