LTHC Men’s 3rd XI 2 vs Melton Men’s 1st XI 5

MRHA T2 – East Midlands 1

Saturday 16th February 2019

In starkly contrasting conditions to our first meeting, Loughborough Town 3rd XI prepared to face off against Melton Men’s 1st XI. A strong new squad, ably built up by absentee captain Peter Hayes prepared to take the game to the opposition on home turf, hungry for a win. A strong start saw threatening passing play across the pitch that left Town unfortunate not to be rewarded with a goal. Latecomer Nathan Hunt performed well in the middle, linking the veteran defensive line with the attacking unit. Liam Brown took up a new role at bottom of the diamond in the captain’s absence, making an unquestionably strong claim to retain the position for future matches.

End to end hockey dominated the early minutes of the game, but defensive error allowed Melton to win a short corner, which was converted. Not disheartened, Town took the game to Melton once more, but soon found themselves conceding again. Determined to get back in the game, Town soon responded, with freshman and FND enthusiast George Gutteridge slotting a goal past the keeper to make it 2-1. A swift response from Melton saw two more goals enter the Loughborough net, and the half ended at 4-1.

A classically inspiring team talk from stand in captain Rory Cook, complimented by intricate strategic input from Tommy Ross saw Town enter the second half with new energy. Exceptional passing play from all seemed sure to reward with a goal, but it was not to be. Tempers began to rise, with veteran player and fitness guru Mark Dalby taking the time to politely and calmly disagree with a short corner given against Town. The corner was converted, and the game seemed to be slipping away. Remembering the inspirational words from half time, however, the team found new wind and once again and took the attack to the opposition. Long standing member of the youth development squad Jono Griffiths was able to capitalise on the chances created, scoring a rare goal from the back post to make the final score 5-2.

A mixed game for Loughborough Town, with many positives to take, particularly from the second half return to form. MoM was deservedly given to Liam Brown, with DoD equally deservedly given to newcomer Jack Chiswell, who endeavours to learn how to tell the time in preparation for future matches.

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