LTHC Ladies 3rd XI 4 vs Leicester University Ladies 2nd XI 0

LRHA Ladies – Division 1

Sunday 17th February 2019

After a Saturday without hockey, Ladies 3rd XI were keen to get on the pitch on Sunday to play against Leicester University 2nd XI. Having played Leicester University 1st XI in the cup a couple of weeks before, managing to keep them at 0-0 at half time with only 10 players, Town was looking to get a strong win from this game.

With 22 players on the pitch, Leicester Uni pushed back at 14:00. Town started strong, with some great pressure from forwards Sam Dalby, Sarah Rose and Maddie Herring, not allowing Leicester Uni past the halfway line for the first 10 minutes of the game. The great pressure resulted in the first short corner of the game for Town. After initially playing the ball into the goalie, Vicky Ashenden managed to beautifully lift the ball over the goalie into the net. Town kept the pressure on Leicester Uni, but tiredness started to come into play and Leicester Uni managed to break through the press on occasions. Great defending from Ellen Johns, Vicky Ashenden, Iris Broekhuijzen, Rachael Taggart, Erilys Herring and Riya Phandey ensured that goalie Selena Cox did not have much to do.  Town managed to secure another short corner and managed to confuse the Leicester Uni defense with their routine, resulting in a goal for Grace Jones, taking the game to 2-0 at half time.

After a half time talk, Town were keen to start the second half the same as the first half, going out strong, however Leicester Uni clearly also had a good half time talk discussing how to break down the Town press. With the pitch more stretched, transfers around the back showed to be a success and it wasn’t long before Amanda Conradie managed to penetrate the D, taking a shot on goal, 3-0! Town were keen to get more out of this match after their 8-0 win at the beginning of the season, however Leicester Uni did a good job of breaking the Town press and ensuring Town struggled to get the ball into play on their 16s. Some great play from Julia Symons and Zoe Bennfors put Amanda Conradie in the position to have another shot on goal, making the final score 4-0.

Another great game from Ladies 3rd XI, who haven’t lost a game in the league since the 27th of October! Player of the match to Zoe Bennfors, DOD was decided at the pub where Iris Broekhuijzen got asked for ID when buying a drink.

Next week Ladies 3rd XI hope to continue their winning streak against Leicester 5th XI.

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