LTHC Men’s 1st XI 3 vs Cannock Men’s 1st XI 1

MRHA T1 – Midlands Premier

Saturday 23rd February 2019

A warm and sunny afternoon at Loughborough University where Loughborough Town were looking to take 3 points in the game today. The team were looking fresh faced and ready for victory after an inspiring chat from manager Paul and skipper Nick getting the team pumped up and ready to perform. Town also had a few minutes of time before their game to get motivated by coach Gav and his hot shot shooting over the crossbar all round inspiring. 

The game began with Town having the first few attacking plays. Lewis and George showing their speed and ball skill in the opposition’s half. Town built up momentum and won a couple of penalty corners which they were keen to put in. Town did their usual thing of playing the ball passed the back post with no deflection. There was a moment where the ball hit a Cannock players foot on the line but both umpires missed it. Cannock then started to build momentum and reached Loughborough D winning a few penalty corners. Captain Nick came in to clear up and make his orders heard. Jake, Sarpreet and Sam France started pulling the strings in the midfield battle for Town with strong tackles being made by Sam Curd and Mike but Town just couldn’t put the ball in between the two posts. Cannock won another penalty corner and they decided to go for a slow motion routine and scored. Town took a knock as they had been in control of the game, and played out the rest of the half with no luck in scoring.

Manager Paul and Coach Gav had a plan and the strategy to take the game in the second half calling the troops together and lifting their games. Second half began moving the ball quickly around the back of Sam France, JT, Proctor and Nick Murdoch. Town on the front foot with plenty of attacking play and winning lots of penalty corners but not being able to convert them. Then Old Man Mike spoke up saying “let me hit it”. Taking his walking stick and gripping it tightly, eyes on the ball nailing it through a shocked keeper. The game had turned and Town were looking for more opportunities to win. 

With them winning a penalty flick all players in Town team stepped away from the ball. Calum stepped up to take the flick, his plan to play in hard and low, bottom right corner. Keeper and player ready, Calum pushed the ball low and hard where he wanted it to go and with his opinion the best save he has ever seen. The keeper took the ball and touched it wide of the post. Not what the squad needed but Town where still in it for the win. 

Some flashy passing on the left wing by Lewis, Andrew and George, getting the ball to Calum with a bit of space in the D where he went for Cannock special. A slow goal, defender shocked by the speed couldn’t think straight and decided to kick the ball into the goal. Excitement built for Town. Do they keep attacking or play the game out with 10 minutes to go.

Town still attacking strong Proctor and Sam France putting their bodies on the line with solid tackling. The last few minutes Nick Murdoch showed his attacking skills down the right side of the pitch. Lewis delivered a cracking ball to Mike who went for the hard hit that the keeper saved but sent the ball to Calum where he went for another slow motion hit that surprised the keeper and player that watched the ball go into the goal. Five minutes left according to the umpires. Loughborough went to full defence mode Vish organising the players in front of him determined to not let Cannock back into the game. Full time came, game done 3-1 to Loughborough Town great performance across the whole pitch.

Men's 1st XI - 23/02/19: Vs Cannock 1st XI © Mandy  Mercer
Calum Slaney in full flight © Mandy Mercer

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