LTHC Ladies 3rd XI 5 at Leicester Ladies 5th XI 0

LRHA Ladies – Division 1

Saturday 23rd February 2019

After a seven match unbeaten streak the pressure was on as the Ladies 3rd XI as they travelled to Leicester. The day did not start well with driver Julia Symons, accidentally waking up precisely four minutes before the meet time, thereby earning an overwhelming majority in the DOD vote. However despite the mornings slight technical difficulties, Grace Jones powered up the speakers to get the motivational tunes pumping and so began a tense morning of hockey.

After a confusing debate on whether to use a “brand new” white ball or a ball goalkeeper Selena Cox could actually see, the game started with an orange ball being used.  It was a quick start to the first half with Eleanor Grainge putting in the first goal in just under 4 minutes. Leicester did not look happy. After some fast movement down the line by Ellen Johns and quick work through the midfield by Jess Anstice, the ball was back in the oppositions D and a short corner was awarded. In a textbook training ground play the ball was injected short to Sam Dalby who fired it near post to a waiting Jones for her first goal of the match and Town’s 2nd. Leicester held strong with several clears from their D but tactful triangular play was maintained throughout the first half along with strong switches made around the defence. An usual break by Leicester saw them awarded a short corner but this was quickly shut down by keeper Cox’s unbelievably flexible kick save. Leicester continued to look unhappy.

With the whistle blown for half time, Town set about munching on oranges while captain Dalby spoke to the umpires regarding some confusion regarding the 5 meter rule. After the ‘updated’ rule was explained to both teams, Town’s minds were blown just in time for the second half to begin.

Kicking off with some impressive tackling from Hatty Battes, strong central movement from Ruth Lyons and a solid wall defence from Iris Broekhuijzen (which was so impressive it earned her both Town’s and the oppositions MOM), the team pulled together stronger than ever, leading to Grainge and Sarah Rose serving up another two sweet goals. As tensions and voices from the opposition began to rise, and Battes who was dramatically threatened with a green card, it was more than the unusually hot February sun making us sweat. However in dignified response Rose stepped up to the challenge and sent another hard one straight into the back of the net; never has anyone looked more satisfied to score.

In a final attempt to score a goal Leicester made a quick break down the pitch only to be stopped by Vicky Ashenden who made a clean clear, but somehow ended up on her knees. It was very dramatic but totally worth it. With the final whistle blown Town finished with another clean sheet 5-0 victory, and extending their unbeaten streak to eight games (with the last four games being wins).

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