LTHC Ladies 3rd XI 0 at Half Century 1st XI 3

LRHA Ladies – Premier Division

Saturday 12th October 2019

After a disappointing start to the season last week for newly promoted Loughborough Town 3rd XI, they headed to Soar Valley College to play Half Century, with optimism about their chances of winning. Turning up at their usual one hour before the game they found that the opposition clearly did not have the same memo as the place was deserted.  By the time the team talk had taken place and Town had ventured out for their team warm up, some of the opposition had started to show.

Town who were fielding some new faces mixed in with some old ones, set up with a team of 15, thanks to Dalby’s leadership and organisation, to Half Century’s core 11 who have been playing together for years. Would fresh legs beat experience, only the next 70 minutes would tell.  What we did know though was that Town won the toss and would be starting the game. From the off it was clear that experience definitely was beating younger fresh legs. Town spent the first half understanding the team formation, which to many was a new style of play.

The defensive set-up of, man of the match Kate Horrigan in goal, Iris Broekhuijzen, Vicky Ashenden, Abi Archer and Eirlys Herring were going to be busy. Horrigan made some fantastic saves as Century continued to pile on the pressure. Ashenden seemed to forget that she was playing hockey and not football as her feet seemed to be drawn to the ball, costing Town a number of short corners. It was on one of these that Century made their break-through and took the lead 1-0. The match restarted and Century continued to pile on the pressure. The midfield of Amanda Conradie, Sophie Rainbow and Zara Bailey tried their hardest to reach the waiting forwards of Captain Sam Dalby, Sarah Rose and Maddie Herring, who seemed to have hardly touched the ball.

Century’s second goal came through scrappy play that saw Ashenden decide to lay on the ground in front of the goal in a desperate attempt to stop it going in, this move nearly won her the worst player vote. Luckily for her during a substitution in midfield Izzy Perry decided that her water bottle would make her play better than her actual stick, this move kind of summed up the first half of the game for Town.

Half time arrived and the team talk by Dalby must have worked as a motivated Town took to the pitch for the second half. A more vocal Town, and putting in the work to set a defensive press early, enabled  the midfield to get the ball to the forwards and Dalby was able to secure the team’s first short corner. Newly appointed injector Conradie, stepped up to the line and unfortunately sent the ball passed a waiting Dalby at the top of the D, no need to panic though, as Perry (stick in hand) was there to collect, and quickly slipped it to Dalby, who looked for a deflection from a waiting Rose on the back post. Unfortunately it was not to be. This was by far Towns best opportunity of the game, and after Century scored a blistering goal from the side of the D, the win was clearly going to be theirs.

Not the best start to the season for Town, with the game finishing 3-0. However there were plenty of positives to take from the second half, as they head to play their own 2nd XI in a double-header weekend.

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