LTHC Ladies 3rd XI 1 vs Market Harborough Ladies 1st XI 2

LRHA Ladies – Premier Division

Saturday 19th October 2019

After a disappointing start to the season with 3 losses and no goals scored, Loughborough Town Ladies 3rd XI faced Market Harborough 1st XI who were relegated at the end of last season from the league above. After an uncertain start around a missing umpire the two times lined up to start the game.

In familiar fashion the defence found themselves extremely busy as Harborough ploughed on the pressure. However the midfield and forwards of Town looked like they had started to work together and were able to put some effective attacks together. During one of these plays Sarah Rose was able to win Town their first penalty corner of the game. Through all the games so far these have been in short supply, resulting in a jubilant shout from the team. Newly elected injector Amanda Conradie stepped up to the line, and unfortunately forgot to check that her team were set, when she pushed out to Rose at the top of the D. Not surprisingly, the result was a missed opportunity to covert.

The half time whistle arrived with the teams sitting at 0-0. This again was hugely down to the defence strength of Town to stop Harborough from scoring from their numerous penalty corners. A positive team talk from captain Sam Dalby and a tactical talk from coach Matt Parry saw Town take to the 2nd half in an unusual situation of not having conceded any goals.

Harborough had obviously had a strong team talk as they lined up determined to change the scoreline, and within the first 10 minutes had managed to break through and take the lead. Their 2nd goal came quickly after as Town successively fouled Harborough in the D, awarding them penalty corner after penalty corner.

Town not to be defeated continued with their attack and Rose was able to secure a foul in the attacking D. Dalby taking charge at the top of the circle, instructed Conradie to pass short to her waiting on the left slip. A quick tap in to the circle and a powerful sweep towards the goal saw Town score their first goal, and halve Harborough’s lead.

The game continued to be back and forth with Town fighting all to a dramatic final minute. As the final whistle blew Town secured a penalty corner. With all their players surrounding the D, Iris Broekhuijzen was chosen to take the shot. After a fast defence applied pressure to Town, the ball failed to end up in the goal and the game finished with Harborough winning 2-1.

This by far was Town’s best performance and will give them self-belief as they face their old rivals, from last season Charnwood Sileby.

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