LTHC Ladies 2nd XI 0 vs Leicester City Ladies 3rd XI 3

LRHA Ladies – Premier Division

Saturday 26th October 2019

After an impressive start to the season, the Ladies 2nd XI hoped to continue their winning streak when taking on the Leicester City 3rd XI.

Leicester came out with a strong attack making Town have to respond quickly and play a more defensive game. The game was a constant back and forth as both teams had chances of their own to score. Town continually battled to get the first goal of the game, but that fell to Leicester giving them the initial one up on Town.

In the second half the Town continued to go for goal to get the equaliser but were still unable to overcome Leicester’s defence. With some impressive skills displayed by both teams, Leicester were able to come away with another goal making the final score of 2-0.

The Town hope to come away with a win in next week’s game against the Roundhill 1st XI.

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