LTHC Ladies 3rd XI 0 at Melton Ladies 1st XI 2

LRHA Ladies – Premier Division

Saturday 9th November 2019

Due to sub-arctic conditions the Ladies 3rd XI had an uncertain start to their match with the threat of cancellation hanging over them even as they made the journey to Melton. It was only after arriving that both teams agreed to brave the hockey-pitch-turned-ice rink conditions.

The match started on a solemn note with a minute of silence in anticipation of upcoming Armistice Day (Remembrance Day) which was respected by all.

Tensions were high for Town with Melton being only one place above them in the league. However minutes into play it was clear that Town are growing more and more accustomed to playing with their new influx of players. From both a player and observational perspective the cohesiveness of the team appeared to have blossomed, especially considering the experience of the Melton team. Due to this, and some impressive defensive work and an effective press, Town were able to hold off the aggressive Melton team and the first half ended with a balanced 0-0.

As the second half of the game started, an unfortunate running theme yet again reared its head: lifted balls. After several body shots on Town players and a matrix-style dodge from Gaby Giggal, blood from Hatty Bates, a bruised hand for Sarah Rose followed by injuries to Izzy Perry and Ella Patel due to high sticks and lifted balls, the press understandably became more hesitant. This, combined with the now thawed, but muddy surface, that lead to some comical slips from both sides, allowed Melton the space they needed to score two goals, despite a valiant effort from keeper Kate Horrigan. As such the match ended on a slightly disappointing and frustrating note although Town should take the improved team cohesion as a massive positive going forward.

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