LTHC Ladies 3rd XI 5 at Leicester University Ladies 1th XI 0

LRHA Ladies – Premier Division

Saturday 16th November 2019

Off the back of their positive result last week, the Ladies 3rd XI prepared for the bottom of the table clash against Leicester University with non-complacent confidence. Both teams were without a win but Town had the edge with after their draw last week.

Strong attacking play by Town led to the ball being picked up in midfield with a tic-tac-toe down the side-line, resulted in the ball finding Imogen Relf at the top of D. Picking the ball up she headed one on one with the keeper who slid early, and allowed Relf to go wide and slip it home. 1-0 to Town.

Using this encouraging start Town were able to keep the ball high with a now seamless press formation. The “Press-fessionals” won a series of continuous short corners. However, despite several near misses and the majority of possession, the first half ended with a positive but non-reflective 1-0.

During the second half there was a clear change in tactics by Leicester which resulted in a more balanced spread of play. However, Town still dominated the match as they continued to win penalty corners.  Finally after numerous failed attempts a change of tactics saw the ball slipped to Amanda Conradie who fired it home for Town’s second goal. This was swiftly followed by yet another stunner from Conradie in a similar move, which earned her a well-deserved player of the match award.

Facilitated by a hardworking and effective midfield and high defensive line, Town’s fourth goal came after an elevated ball off the keepers pads, was battered out of the air towards goal by Sam Dalby, who connected with Sarah Rose on the back post, 4-0 to Town.

But this was not enough. A hungry forward line assisted by some amazing passes and teamwork from the supporting back line through the midfield, won Town one final goal by Relf with seconds to go.

The Ladies 3rd XI first win of the season with an impressive 5-0 score line is a well-earned reflection of the hard work being put in at training. Hopefully this trend will be maintained as the team continue to improve capitalising on opportunities.

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