LTHC Badgers 2 at Leicester Westleigh Badgers 0

East Midlands Badgers League

Saturday 16th November 2019

After their first win of the season the previous week Loughborough Town went to Leicester Westleigh hoping for back to back wins. However, with only 10 players they knew it would be a tough ask.

Westleigh started strong, with only some hard work from Charlie W, Mila, Wilf and Seth in defence preventing Calum from having to make any saves. Town soon got into their stride though, with good distribution getting the ball out wide to wingers Charlie L and Lex and up high to forward Ethan.

Towns hard work soon paid off as Charlie L scored due to some well worked play moving the ball around the Westleigh keeper. Town then went 2-0 up thanks to Ethan, his shot from the top of the D finding the corner of the goal, which was the last of the game. Player of the match was Wilf.

The Badgers will look to continue their winning streak next Saturday when they take on Ashby at home.

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