LTHC Men’s 1st XI 3 at Barton Men’s 1st XI 0

MRHA T1 – Midlands Premier

Saturday 23rd November 2019

An important and highly anticipated away game for the Men’s 1st XI, as they continued their long standing rivalry with Barton. Fortunately, the weather was on Town’s side, in fact if anything the blistering sun was too much!

A lacklustre start from Town allowed Barton some early pressure and chances, but before long a groove was hit which was impressively sustained for the whole match. After an amazing solo run from right half Hoddle slipped it to an open Harrison who swiftly ripped a whole in the net for the first goal. After this, Town dominated possession with many penalty corners and a few missed chances. This was until some lovely attacking play down the right resulted in a horror tackle on the Town forward John Harrison. The umpire instantly pointed to the spot and after some deliberation Johnston stepped up and slotted away a well executed penalty flick. Town then closed out the first half and went in 2-0 up.

Onto the second half and Town started where they left off, once again domination possession with man of the match Charlie pulling the strings in midfield. The sheer number of chances meant that any player could have scored a goal but the final goal fell once again to Harrison who showed no hesitation with another 2 yard screamer. A few scares came late in the second half as Barton pushed for a consolation but Jackson was very much up to the task resulting in a hard fought clean sheet (thankfully all opposing drag flicks were wide). All in all the first away win for Loughborough Town boasted arguably the best performance of the season so far. Not one player could be faulted and under the clear blue sky Town earned another deserved 3 points.

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