LTHC Badgers 2 vs Ashby Badgers 1s 11

East Midlands Badgers League

Saturday 23rd November 2019

After two wins in a row Loughborough Town were hoping for a third against Ashby.

Unfortunately, Loughborough were only able to start with 9 players, and Ashby took full advantage of this to score a few goals quickly. However, the defence of Sean (on his Badgers debut), Hannah and Seth worked really hard, and along with some great saves from goalie Calum were able to prevent the scoreline from going too much in Ashbys favour. When Town got the ball (and another player, giving them ten), they were able to use the space on the pitch well, with Charlie W providing some great distribution out to Charlie L and Lex out on the wings. Loughborough’s forward pairing of Ethan and Austin kept offering support to the midfield, and this paid off when Ethan scored 2 goals.

A difficult match for Loughborough, who are hoping to bounce back next week against Melton.

Player of the match was Calum.

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