LTHC Ladies 3rd XI 2 at Leicester University Ladies 5th XI 0

LRHA Ladies – Premier Division

Saturday 7th March 2020

Riding high after wins in the previous two weeks, the Ladies 3rd XI headed down the motorway to bottom of the table Leicester University Ladies 1st XI, knowing that a win here would guarantee them Premier League hockey next season.

Town started strong and pushed hard to pressure the opposition’s goal, but to no avail with Leicester managing to defend well and keep Town at bay.  A quick and strong press by Town clearly was frustrating Leicester as they were struggling to break it down. However on the few occasions they did manage to clear it, the able midfield of Town were there to win it back again.

Town lost one of their center backs, Iris Broekhuijzen with about 5 minutes played as she twisted her ankle in open play and had to be helped off the pitch.  A quick reshuffle saw Town maintain their defensive strength and continue to push hard.

The pressure paid off and Town were awarded a short corner.  With normal injector Broekhuijzen off the pitch reserve injector Vicky Ashenden stepped up.  The first penalty corner resulted in no goal, however it was not long before a second was awarded and again up stepped Ashenden.  The ball came out to the top of the D and then headed back towards the goal where a frantic tussle between the keeper and Ashenden ensued.  Ashenden won, 1-0 to Town.

Half time arrived and the score line was still 1-0, this had been the state of play in the last two games, would this be a good omen?  The game restarted and Town continued where they had left off, they pressed hard and Leicester managed to defend well.  Chances came and went as Town were unable to find the back of the net, until another battle between Hannah Simpson and one of the defenders resulted in Town’s 2nd goal and Hannah’s first, as this was only her second appearance in a Town’s shirt.  

Leicester did manage to win a short corner with about 15 minutes to go but were unable to convert and keeper Kate Horrigan made her one and only save of the game.  Town missed an opportunity to make it three, when the ball being chased by Captain Sam Dalby hit the post and fell nicely for the keeper to save; unfortunately for Dalby she was too far forward not anticipating the bounce.

With the game finishing 2-0, Town are now safe for another season in the Premier League and can take a week off before playing their final game of the season against Leicester City 3rd XI who are currently second in the league.

Ladies 3rd XI -  070320 Vs Leiceter University 1st XI

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