LTHC Ladies’ 3rd XI 0 at LTHC Ladies’ 2nd XI 2

LRHA Ladies – Premier Division

Saturday 26th September 2020

So, it’s the start of the hockey season for Loughborough Town Ladies’ 3rd XI, and just like last year their first opposition was the club’s very own 2nd XI.  Whilst everybody got to grip with the new restrictions in place, and the lack of access to the pitch the game ended up starting 10 minutes late.

Town’s 2nd XI had a familiar look to last year, and the 3rd XI certainly had managed to retain some players, whilst they also welcomed back the familiar face of Grace Jones in the inner forward role. Most interestingly though was Harriet Galpin playing outfield, after her very successful career as Ladies’ 1st XI goalkeeper, and Sam Dalby continues in her role as captain.

As the whistle blew the 2nd XI made their intentions to take all 3 points known, and were quick off the mark to intercept and chase down some stray passes by the 3rd XI.  It took less than 10 minutes for the first goal to be scored, and it certainly seemed that there were more than the 11 players on the pitch representing the 2nd team.  Wave after wave of attack and interceptions broke down the 3rd XI and stopped them from making any real impact in the attacking 23.  The 2nd and 3rd goals all came before half time, leaving the 3rd XI needing to regroup and strategise for the 2nd half.

The half time break allowed for some stern words from captain Dalby, as she tried to point out the simple basics that were missing in the first half.  Recognising also that there were new and out of positional players, but even still triangles and quick balls were certainly something that could be achieved.   With Dalby’s words still fresh the teams took to the pitch for a very different 2nd half.

Kate Horrigan in goal made some fantastic saves and with the defence clearing the ball, the 3rd XI found ways to break away into the attacking half.  Firstly a fumble by the 2nd’s defence allowed Dalby to run after a loose ball and recycle it back into the middle of the pitch, unfortunately by then the 2nd’s defence were back in numbers and the opportunity was missed.  Next came a speedy sprint by Galpin followed by a penalty corner being awarded.  Unfortunately both that one and the following one failed to put a score on the board.  The 2nd XI however managed to add one more to their tally, meaning the game ended 0-4.  Huge positives were taken in the 2nd half, and the team who were missing some key players are looking forward to hosting Melton on the 3rd October where they will be looking to build on their finishing performance with a win and their first 3 points of the season.

Player of the game: Iris Broekhuijzen / Izzy Perry

Ladies' 2nd Vs Ladies' 3rd XI - 26/09/20 © Andy Smith

Photo: © Andy Smith

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