LTHC Badgers 4 vs Leicester Westleigh Badgers 1

East Midlands Badgers League

A convincing team performance in this season opener for the Badgers.  Great movement on and off the ball and assertive tackling contributed to a good win. Lot’s of early pressure from Town yielded an early goal- Lex striking the ball home from a short corner. The lead was maintained until early in the second half when Westleigh reorganised and piled on the pressure, scrambling one in for 1-1.

Calum produced some solid saves in goal to keep the score even, before Loughorough relaxed into their rhythm and pushed forward.  Great teamwork between Tallulah and Lex produced a second Town goal, with Charlie then deflecting a third into the opposition net. A 4-1 victory was completed following another great piece of teamwork, Charlie slotting the ball in. Badgers play again next week when they travel to Melton. POTG: Lex

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