This week we have reports from L3 and M3.

LTHC Ladies’ 3rd XI 12 vs Towcester 4th XI 0

Midlands Women’s Division 4 Nene / Charnwood

On a warm sunny day Loughborough Town Ladies 3rd XI headed to Towcester hopeful to secure a win after beating the home side in the first half of the season.

Town started intensely and dominated the opposition’s twenty-three from the off. After only a few minutes the possession paid off and a cross from Sam Dalby was pushed in by Emily Quinn. Town continued to press Towcester and only moments later another goal came from a penalty corner conversion with a straight strike from the top of the D by Fionnhuala Davies. Town kept up the hard work, pressing the opposition in pairs to win back the ball. After regaining possession, a series of quick passes bouncing in and out the middle led to Charlie Worth at the top of the D having a clear shot on goal. 3-0 Town within ten minutes. The first rotation of substitutions meant Town slowed down slightly and Towcester managed to attack Town’s D for the first time. However strong defensive work from the away sides back four meant the ball was worked back up the pitch and another goal was slotted in by Quinn, making that her second of the match. In quick succession another goal came from a set of one-two passes between Davies and Hana Rasheed, with Rasheed scoring. The first half ended as strongly as it had started, Town’s intensity was steady throughout and there were long periods of cohesive team effort. This resulted in a sixth goal coming from a reverse hit by Davies to finish off the half nicely.

After a positive team talk at half time, Town were ready to get back in the game. The team pushed higher as a unit and some great team play ended with a cross from Izzy Perry and a close-range finish by Dalby. Dalby then scored two more goals from open play, with both coming from driving runs across the baseline. Town had a number of penalty corners in close succession, yet despite a chance to practice varying routines, the Towcester defence held out well. The home had a few counter attacking chances which forced Town to defend, yet good teamwork from the back line prevented these chances resulting in a goal. In response, Town’s intensity increased once again and with some smooth passages of play and superb individual skill, Davies added two more goals to the score line. As the game was nearing to a close, Town were able to maintain possession via transferring the ball across the back line and sending it wide. The press also remained strong and after a mistake from a Towcester fifteen metre hit out, Rasheed was able to capitalise one on one with the keeper and scored. The match ended 12-0 to Town, a strong performance from the whole team and some excellent hockey.

The team hope to build on this win going into next week’s game against Northampton Saints 3rd XI.

LTHC Men’s 3rd XI 3 vs Leicester Westleigh 1st XI 4

Midlands Men’s Division 5 East

Loughborough Town 3rd XI travelled to Leicester Westleigh 1st XI looking to solidify their eighth place in the league, with only one game to go. Town started the game well with some decent passing though couldn’t get any chances in the D. As the home side got into the game, they started to create chances, which resulted in them going 2-0 up. A goal from open play and the second from a penalty corner, which on the latter keeper Jaimin Metcalf had made the initial save though as Town’s defenders tried to clear the ball it was scrambled over the line. Town got back into the game at 2-1, as a through ball was neatly converted by Town’s leading scorer Nathan Holifield (his twelfth), as he beat the keeper one on one. However, again Westleigh extended their lead with another goal to take a 3-1 lead. As the half-time whistle nearer Town had a penalty corner. This was converted by Alex Fowler who’s shot from near the left-hand baseline beat the keeper between his legs. A much-needed goal as the half time whistle blew as Town were only one goal down at 3-2.

In the second half Town managed to even the score at 3-3 when a great reverse stick hit from Jaimal Toor got Town back into the game. However, within minutes the home side had a penalty corner and from a great low drag beat all Town’s defenders as it when in just inside the right post.  Town pressed for the equaliser though didn’t really get any decent chances, except in the last minute of the game when they were awarded a penalty corner. Though a mis trap at the top of the D lead to Westleigh clearing the ball and within seconds the full-time whistle blew. A disappointing loss for Town though they remain in eighth place based on goal difference, with Westleigh also on twenty-four points. In the last game of the season next Saturday Town take on Panthers (Leicester) at home.

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